MHI Vestas Offshore Wind says that a stronger gearbox, some "minor mechanical upgrades," an electrical system upgrade and a "small" design change to enhance air flow and increase cooling in the converter are enabling its V164 turbine to achieve a power rating of 10 MW, up from 8 MW.

The company said that it has more than 100 V164 turbines installed in the U.K. and Germany, and that it used those installations to help it engineer upgrades to boost turbine output.

The turbine will have a rotor diameter of 164 meters (538 feet) and 80-meter blades (262 feet). The hub height will be 105 meters (344 feet). Each blade weighs 35 tons and the nacelle, which contains all of the mechanical components, weighs around 390 tons.

MHI Vestas said that the 10 MW version of its turbine can run at full power at a site with wind speeds of 10 meters per second for 25 years. The V164-10.0 MW will be available for commercial installation beginning in 2021.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is a joint venture between Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Japan-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.