Modern facilities take a multi-faceted approach towards fire safety. This approach mitigates risk through prevention, containment and suppression. In the area of containment, BI-TORQ’s FL series thermal shut-off valves are the solution of choice for tank and pipeline isolation. When paired with an API 607 fire safe valve, you get a thermal shut-off valve assembly that is low maintenance and a true isolation valve — ensuring flow will be contained in the event of a fire. The assemblies can also be used manually to isolate a tank or pipeline section for maintenance.

Why You Need Thermal Shut-off Valves

The strategic placement of thermal shut-off valves helps maximize a facility’s overall fire safety program in three ways.

Thermal shut-off valves used at the tank level will isolate tanks and keep flammable or hazardous media at its source, keeping its contents from getting downstream and escalating a fire or creating another hazard for emergency responders if the media is toxic. Knowing that the media is isolated also allows emergency responders to be able to assess a situation better. This is why placement should be closest to the tank outlet.

When placed at critical junctures in a piping system, the flow stoppage from an activated assembly will keep pipe contents from getting free in buildings or at other key points in the system due to ruptured pipes, broken fittings or other leak points in the system.

Keeping flammable or toxic media contained automatically — taking the human factor out of the loop — also has the benefit of keeping it from being released to the general public via a vapor cloud or getting into the groundwater system.

Key Features

The biggest key feature of the FL series is its FM approval. Whether FM Global is your insurance carrier or not, the approval signifies that a rigorous series of tests were done and certified by a global leader in loss prevention, ensuring performance when it counts.

BI-TORQ’s FL series is the largest thermal shut-off assembly of its kind with a maximum valve torque up to 21,390 inch-pounds or enough for a 20-inch butterfly valve. Optional features include continuous position feedback and a high-visibility dome indicator. The assemblies are also installation-friendly with options for handwheel orientations, horizontal mounting and handwheel alternatives to fit into areas where there are spatial constraints.

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