Imagine being able to simplify the construction of a brand-new home so much so that instead of dealing with unending time frames and an ever-increasing budget, you could have an inexpensive home in just eight hours. Thanks to help from its 3D-printing robot, PassivDom has been able to achieve such a feat.

Wanting to change the way homes are constructed, PassivDom, uses a 3D-printing robot to construct a 410-square-foot model of a home that includes a roof, walls and a floor — all in under eight hours.

With a price tag that ranges from $64,000 to $147,000, the 3D-printed homes are easy to construct, inexpensive and transportable — meaning they can be moved from location to location. Their minimalist design allows for considerable natural light via panoramic windows and other features such as a solar-integrated roof.

Currently offering a choice between two designs — the 410 sq. ft., one-bedroom moduleOne and the 775 sq. ft., two-bedroom moduleTwo — PassivDom has already received 8,000 preorders for the homes.

For more information on these homes, watch the accompanying video.

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