The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published an ANSI standard that will be useful to the roadway and area lighting manufacturers, municipalities and utilities.

The standard, American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment -- Elliptically Shaped, Enclosed Side-mounted Luminaires, added requirements for light sources other than high-intensity discharge, updated language to reflect committee preference and added requirements for ingress protection.

The standard also covers maintenance, dimensional and light distribution features that permit the interchange of enclosed, side-mounted luminaires for horizontal-burning HID lamps and other sources used in roadway and area lighting equipment.

Typically, this type of luminaire, known as a "cobrahead" luminaire is used for street or roadway lighting.

Luminaires of similar shape, size and weight, fitting the requirements of this standard may be used interchangeably within a system with assurance that they will fit the bracket arm, their pole strength requirements will not change, light distribution will be similar, and similar maintenance procedures can be used.

Historically, luminaires covered by this standard are elliptical in shape with lenses that meet the requirements of ANSI C136.17. Luminaires other than HID may have a different, unique shape as long as they meet the standards' requirements.

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