Google has been developing its self-driving car for years, but in mid-January the company identified key technology partners that are helping to build its prototype.

Project Director Chris Urmson named Continental, Roush, Bosch, ZFLS, RCO, FRIMO, Prefix and LG as companies working on the vehicle. He made the announcement at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. (Read more from automakers at the show.)

The vehicle is undergoing testing at Google’s private track in California before heading to NASA's Ames Research Center for road tests later in 2015. The car will be fully autonomous without a traditional steering wheel or pedals. (Read "Google Driverless Cars Could Reach Roads in 5 Years.")

LG will supply he battery for the plug-in vehicle and Bosch will supply major components of the electric powertrain and the car’s long-range radar unit, Google’s press team said.

Roush Enterprises, a Detroit-based engineering firm, is doing the design integration and final assembly of 100 self-driving cars. RCO Engineering is designing the seats, FRIMO is making the plastic and composite components for interior and exterior applications, and Continental, a German auto supplier, is supplying tires and other unspecified electronics and components.

Google is designing many of the components in- house. For example, it is currently planning on developing the LIDAR system, a 3D imaging system, in-house because it was unhappy with what was commercially available, Urmson reportedly says.

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