New benchtop temperature test systems for electronics and semiconductor thermal testing have been launched by inTest Corporation, a supplier of innovative test and process technology solutions for use in manufacturing and testing in key target markets that include automotive/electric vehicle, defense/aerospace, industrial, life sciences, security and semiconductor. The Temptronic RapidTemp BT28 ThermoStream is a portable, compact, powerful system that delivers clean dry air for precision temperature testing or conditioning of electronics and materials with a broad temperature range, high accuracy and rapid transitions.

Michael Tanniru, president of inTEST’s environmental technologies division, commented, “We believe theSource: inTEST CorporationSource: inTEST Corporation BT28 is the best benchtop thermal test system on the market. This solution redefines the end-user’s experience whether for testing product performance over a range of temperatures during design, leveling throughput during manufacturing, or troubleshooting temperature-related issues during quality analysis. We are leading the way and embracing the future of benchtop thermal testing to help our customers stay ahead of their competition.” The BT28 ThermoStream is ideally suited for the global semiconductor and electronics industries, enabling secure, controlled environments with a quiet compact design.

The RapidTemp BT28 ThermoStream provides top-tier performance in a small package.

  • Extreme temperature control: Achieve precise and reliable temperature control across with the widest temperature ranges (-28° C to 225° C) and highest airflow rates available in a benchtop test system.
  • ECO-Stream design: Engineered to be smaller, quieter and more energy-efficient, enhancing user experience while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Space-saving brilliance: Designed to test devices quickly and accurately. Maximize a workspace while delivering industry leading thermal capacity.
  • SwiftTherm technology: Accelerate product development and manufacturing timelines with lightning-fast temperature transitions.
  • Detachable touchscreen interface: Enjoy the ease and convenience of a touchscreen that can be placed wherever needed with a 9 ft long remote cable.

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