A company based in China has developed a drone that converts into a life-saving flotation device.

Didiok Makings has developed its TY-3R, an Air-Water Rescue Drone system to prevent accidental drownings in bodies of water.

Didiok Makings explained that the TY-3R drone can be rapidly deployed in the event that a swimmer is struggling against powerful currents or exhaustion. Once a distressed swimmer is detected, rescuers deploy the remote-operated TY-3R, which will fly toward the swimmer at speeds nearing 30 mph.

Source: Didiok MakingsSource: Didiok Makings

Onboard the TY-3R is a single-axis camera that offers a real-time 720p HD camera feed, even in situations where direct line of sight is not possible. Further, the TY-3R can reportedly take off in wind resistance level 6 conditions wherein wind speeds might vary between 25 mph and 31 mph.

Once the drone reaches the distressed swimmer, the TY-3R will land on the water’s surface and convert into the floatation device that can support up to two adults at once.

The developers of the TY-3R note that the device can also function as a beacon for follow-up rescue efforts, pinpointing the drone’s location for additional rescue efforts up to 0.68 miles away, thereby expediting rescue missions.

The TY-3R Air-Water Rescue Drone system was manufactured using high-strength composite materials that can withstand harsh conditions, which are trademarks of water rescue missions. The lightweight drone — weighing less than 11 lb — can also be submerged for extended periods.

The makers of the TY-3R believe that the drone will eventually become an important life-saving tool for emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and maritime organizations.

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