Fonon Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced laser material processing systems for subtractive and additive manufacturing, highlights applications for its Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology (ZWLCT) in the flat panel display (FPD) market.

Fonon is reportedly well-positioned to benefit from FPD market as its patented ZWLCT is a solution suited to the intricacy of cutting brittle materials like glass for FPDs with no material loss and a clean edge. Whereas standard cutting methods involve melting and vaporizing a portion of the material to achieve a cut, zero width laser cutting separates the material via a controlled heating and cooling of the cut line. This means that no material is wasted, while the edges are strong and chip-free, requiring no post-processing like polishing.

Source: Fonon CorporationSource: Fonon Corporation

Fonon‘s industrial-grade systems integrating ZWLCT drive material processing techniques in FPD manufacturing to new levels, demonstrating advancements in laser material processing over existing technologies. These advancements translate into numerous cost and performance benefits in flat panel separation.

ZWLCT can help manufacturers meet growth and demand in flat panel markets around the world. The equipment is a complete system designed and built utilizing cutting-edge technology and patented methods at competitive prices. It is especially suited to providing the precision critical for FPD in phones and tablets, computer screens, industrial-use monitors, billboards and control systems, among others.

Fonon’s ZWLCT reportedly achieves intricate cutting with utmost accuracy, helping manufacturers produce the smallest and most complex components. This efficient technology finds use across a wide range of industries where glass and quartz components are manufactured in accordance with strict quality control measures and rigorous regulatory standards.

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