The HiPace 30 Neo from Pfeiffer Vacuums represents the latest innovation in high-performance turbopumps, offering a compact design, exceptional performance, and cutting-edge technology. As the smallest hybrid-bearing turbopump on the market, the HiPace 30 Neo delivers efficiency and reliability in mass spectrometry and leak detection applications.

One of the most notable features of the HiPace 30 Neo is its high gas throughput and exceptional compression capabilities, making it an ideal choice for compact analytical systems and portable applications. Its ability to handle light gases with ease, along with excellent pre-vacuum compatibility, sets it apart as a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

Source: Pfeiffer VacuumSource: Pfeiffer Vacuum

Temperature management is a critical requirement for turbopumps, and the HiPace 30 Neo performs exceptionally in this area. Engineered with integrated rotor temperature measurement, this device ensures optimal performance at all times. In addition, real-time monitoring of the rotor temperature enables maximum utilization of the thermal working range, guaranteeing consistent and reliable operation.

The HiPace 30 Neo also features a robust bearing system, which includes an oil-lubricated ceramic ball bearing on the fore-vacuum side and a permanent-magnet radial bearing on the high-vacuum side. This novel design enhances the pump's reliability and longevity, providing peace of mind to users in demanding research environments.

In addition, the HiPace 30 Neo incorporates patented Laser Balancing technology, which improves turbopump rotor performance by precisely adjusting balance with lasers, reducing vibration levels, and eliminating the need for traditional balancing methods. This advanced technology ensures minimal vibration and noise levels, making the HiPace 30 Neo an excellent choice for vibration-sensitive applications.

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