The e-1510X Smart Pump is an integrated pump, motor and variable speed drive system that is powered by Xylem's hydrovar X Smart Motor and offers a seamless and customizable pumping solution. Featuring easy serviceability, a compact motor design, and separate quick-connect components for seamless replacement, the e-1510X Smart Pump represents efficiency and reliability.

Among the most notable features of the e-1510X Smart Pump is its graphical color display, which enables users to easily set up and navigate through the unit's menu. With the ability to check parameters and configure the unit to suit specific installation requirements, the e-1510X Smart Pump provides a simplified setup experience. In addition, the Genie feature can start up and run the unit automatically, for additional convenience and time saving.

Source: XylemSource: Xylem

The e-1510X Smart Pump is designed with sustainability in mind, with no rare Earth materials used in its construction. Its advanced system controls can manage up to eight pumps, offering a wide range of applications with customizable settings. The IE5 "ultra-premium" hydrovar X smart motor delivers exceptional efficiency, making it one of the most energy-efficient options in the industry.

The e-1510X Smart Pump is also equipped with Xylem's ‘optimyze’ sensor for condition monitoring, enabling predictive analysis to identify potential equipment issues before they occur. Integrated protections safeguard the pump and motor while optimizing performance, ensuring reliable operation and minimal downtime.

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