Modine, a provider of technology and indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions in the HVAC industry, is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of product safety and certification. In furtherance of that mission, the IAQ leader recently announced that several of its HVAC products for the K-12 market are now UL60335 certified.

The proactive shift was made to stay ahead of new regulations that will go into effect after January 1, 2025. At that point, all new products and changes to products will need to be certified under UL60335 for new construction. Additionally, any equipment using A2L refrigerants can only be certified under UL60335.Source: ModineSource: Modine

"At Modine, we strive to maintain strict standards of safety, quality and sustainability for our products," said Joe Ellison, general manager, schools for the IAQ division at Modine. "By having our products tested and certified to the highest standards of safety, we are ensuring we stay compliant with regulations and meet the industry demand. Achieving UL60335 compliance now also prepares us to incorporate A2L refrigerants across our school product line, a step that prepares us for new regulations set by the American Innovation in Manufacturing Act and furthers Modine's mission of using environmentally friendly refrigerants."

Modine has several products that are UL60335 certified, including:

  • Airedale ClassMate and SchoolMate Unit Ventilators: These single-packaged ventilation units are air-sourced or water-sourced heat pumps that come with optional energy recovery and dehumidification controls. For customers looking to upgrade or renovate their existing buildings, these products provide a cost-effective solution for incorporating heat pump technology while improving classroom indoor air quality.
  • Airedale Sentinel Vertical Unit Ventilator: This solution is great for schools that need to improve the IAQ of their classrooms. It operates in conjunction with a school's central chiller or boiler plant. The unit provides the proper amount of fresh air ventilation while also minimizing energy consumption.
  • Airedale Ductless Mini-Split Ceiling Cassette: This solution provides the flexibility of cooling, heating or both. As a hydronic alternative to variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, these ductless-split units are designed to work efficiently with MERV 10 filters without losing any pressure drop. The mini-split ceiling cassette is available with HW coils or electric heat. With quiet operation above suspended ceilings, the cassettes are ideal for classrooms, offices, laboratories or any environment where space is at a premium and low noise is essential.
  • Airedale Varsity/Valedictorian: This drop-in solution eliminates cross-contamination of air between classrooms versus ducted applications. The full economizer mode allows customers to enjoy free outside air cooling during favorable seasons.

"Providing excellent IAQ remains a top priority for us, and having solutions that already meet the upcoming standards is beneficial to both contractors and end users," Ellison said. "While most changes to meet UL60335 certification will go unnoticed by the end user, these updates to our equipment help ensure the highest level of safety for our products while also positioning us to improve and expand our current product lines."

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