A robot designed to assist with household tasks has been developed jointly by researchers from Spain's Universidad Carlos III and the manufacturer Robotnik.

Designed for tasks within indoor environments, the assistive robot, dubbed ADAM, which stands for Autonomous Domestic Ambidextrous Manipulator, is equipped with vision systems and grippers, enabling it to perform a variety of tasks.

Source: Universidad Carlos IIISource: Universidad Carlos III

Making this possible is the combination of a perception system, a mobile base, a torso, two arms and two grippers, according to the researchers. ADAM, which stands at 160 cm and is 50 cm wide when its arms are at rest, is autonomous and can reportedly accommodate supplementary sensors such as cameras or 3D lidar sensors to enhance its capabilities.

Further, ADAM can detect individuals in its vicinity to prevent collisions and can perform new tasks via perception systems, which enable the robot to detect, recognize and locate objects within its environment. Additionally. ADAM can autonomously navigate difficult spaces such as doorways while also distinguishing between rooms.

ADAM’s developers suggest that the robot can specifically be used to assist older populations by taking over a variety of household tasks — from retrieving items to cleaning.

An article detailing ADAM’s capabilities, “ADAM: a robotic companion for enhanced quality of life in aging populations,” appears in the journal Frontiers in Neurorobotics.

To see ADAM in action, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Universidad Carlos III.

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