California-based food tech startup Chef AI is developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automatic air fryer.

According to its developers, the AI air fryer device takes the guesswork out of cooking, eliminating the need to start a timer or enter an appropriate temperature to cook the food.

Source: Chef AISource: Chef AI

Instead, the air fryer’s accompanying AI chip, which is based on a deep learning model, can precisely predict how long a specific food item will take to cook and the sensors in the system will automatically stop the air fryer as soon as the cooking is completed.

The company explained: "We have rebuilt training models that have already collected and aggregated data to precisely understand how food of certain sizes and shapes behaves."

Although the AI-based air fryer recently made its debut at CES 2024, the startup isn't expected to make the AI-driven air fryer commercially available until September 2024.

For more information on the AI-based air fryer, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Chef AI.

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