KYB, a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, has introduced its brand-new environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid dubbed SustainaLub.

While shock absorbers play an important role in stabilizing the movement of a car using hydraulic pressure and friction, hydraulic oil supports this operation. Without oil, shock absorbers cannot perform efficiently. However, conventional hydraulic fluids feature many components that are base oils derived from petroleum.

Source: KYBSource: KYB

As, such, the newly developed SustainaLub aims to be a truly environmentally friendly shock absorber hydraulic fluid that eliminates the environmental risks associated with petroleum. SustainaLub is a sustainable product that is both carbon neutral and recyclable, the company explained.

This new fluid contributes to carbon neutrality by switching from petroleum derived base oil to naturally derived base oil. It reportedly absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere during cultivation of the plants used for the base oil raw materials, also reducing CO2 emissions during transportation. It is biodegradable up to 60% or more according to the Eco Mark certification standard (OECD301). The base oil and additive formulation is recyclable, thereby reducing environmental issues in the long term.

According to KYB, replacing petroleum-based oil in KYB shock absorbers with this new hydraulic fluid will likely save up to 15.6 million liters of oil per year.

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