Serco Loaders, a manufacturer material handling equipment, has announced the launch of its 8500-SR32 and 8500-SR34 series loaders.

The Serco 8500-SR32 and 8500-SR34 series loaders have been engineered to meet the demands of the cleanup industry. These loaders are designed to streamline operations and improve productivity while maintaining quality, durability and safety.

Source: SercoSource: Serco

Key features of the Serco 8500-SR32 and 8500-SR34 series loaders include:

  • Power – Strongest loader in its class.
  • Reach – Longest reach in its class (32 ft 6 inches and 34 ft).
  • Speed – Hydraulic regenerative valve results in the fastest boom extension speed.
  • Engineered hydraulics – Standard 8500 base and controls. Low pressure, smooth controls provide precise control and smoothness in operating the loader while being able to make heavy lifts.
  • Serco proven quality, durability, service and support.
  • Standard tandem pump, optional triple pump with dedicated swing section.

For more information visit Serco’s website.

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