The new MCR8T, a radial piston motor in frame size 8, expands the range of direct drives for compact tracked loaders and other tracked vehicles from Bosch Rexroth.

The new rotary group design offers up to a 55% increase in maximum torque, enhanced durability and a 20% increase in flow capability compared with the existing and dimensionally similar frame size 6. The compact dimensions, which are identical to MCR6T in all but a 10% increase in overall length, means that the motor is Source: Bosch RexrothSource: Bosch Rexrothideally suited for installation in compact loader tracks.

The MCR-T withstands high radial forces due to its optimized load distribution. Larger bearings that are flushed with case oil combined with the latest development in sealing technology ensures exceptional levels of durability in the harshest environments. An integrated flushing valve contributes to increased service life by supporting the cooling of the oil when used in closed hydraulic circuits.

The radial piston motors are designed for continuous high rotational speeds in the toughest track drive applications so that compact tracked loaders can also cover longer distances. Via the control valve integrated in the motor, the operator can shift smoothly between travel speeds with the soft-shift mode operating in both directions of travel.

In high speed mode, the motor runs with a standard reduced displacement of 66%, which is also configurable on request, reducing oil flow in the circuit and improving system efficiency. Additionally, the direct drive design of the MCR-T results in greater efficiency, longer service life and lower noise than typical gearbox-based solutions.

Rexroth’s MCR-T motors function with a differential pressure of up to 450 bar with the MCR8T version achieving an output torque of up to 9,000 Nm. The displacement of the MCR-T product currently ranges from 380 cm3 to 1,340 cm3 and comes complete with a multi disc spring applied pressure released parking and emergency brake.

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