Seco Seals, a provider of sealing solutions, has announced the patent of their SECO45 Gasket Technology, which promises to revolutionize the HVAC industry. This technology was developed to eliminate Freon leaks, offering a 100% zero-leak performance that benefits both the industry and the environment.

The SECO45 Gasket Technology, inspired by Seco Seals' experience in the aerospace industry, addresses the need for connections in high and low-pressure gas lines. This solution eliminates the risk of Freon leaks and the environmental damage caused by traditional gaskets.

Source: Seco SealsSource: Seco Seals

The SECO45 Gasket is made from soft annealed metals that can be hardened upon tightening, ensuring an optimal seal. The metals used include copper, nickel, aluminum and stainless steel. Additionally, the gaskets can be coated with materials such as tin, silver and gold to further improve their sealing capabilities.

This technology brings significant benefits to the HVAC industry, including improved efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and enhanced environmental protection. With the introduction of this patent, Seco Seals aims to set a new standard for sealing solutions in high-pressure, low-pressure and high-temperature applications.

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