QYSEA Technology, an underwater drone manufacturer, has debuted its most recent iteration of its underwater drone FIFISH V-EVO.

According to its developers, the new drone is: “the first underwater drone to feature a 4K 60 FPS camera with 360-degree omnidirectional movement.” QYSEA suggests that this iteration allows both explorers and filmmakers to capture greater detail and slow-motion videos in ultra-high definition at underwater depths of 100 m.

Source: QYSEA TechnologySource: QYSEA Technology

The FIFISH V-EVO, which is QYSEA’s latest addition to its V6 series, is reportedly the first underwater drone to feature dual 5000 lumens 5500K white light emitting diodes (LEDs), which illuminate dark underwater environments.

In addition to the six-thruster layout, which allows the drone to achieve unrestricted movement, the latest iteration of the underwater drone also uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered image enhancements capable of filtering out plankton-induced debris such as white marine flakes, thereby improving the clarity of the footage.

Along with deep-sea exploration and filmmaking, QYSEA Technology is also eyeing the underwater drone for marine monitoring, scuba diving applications and more.

For more on the FIFISH V-EVO, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of QYSEA Technology.

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