An engine developed by MAN Energy Solutions for maritime applications has been approved for operation on biofuels, including hydrotreated vegetable oil and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) fuels up to a content of 100%.

To prevent a reduction in the maximum continuous rating associated with the use of FAME, engineers implemented a solution that allows the correction of the load by means of a fuel adaption control. The 175D high-speed engine is available in three variants of 12, 16 and 20 cylinders, offering an output ranging from 1,500 kW to 4,400 kW.

The engine is optimized for propelling ferries, offshore supply vessels, tug boats and other working vessels. Specialist model versions have been tailored for naval marine applications and other market areas.

The 175 D also ensures compliance with exhaust gas emission requirements by incorporation of a very compact and flexible selective catalytic reduction system, enabling vessel designers to optimize the use of space aboard.

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