FPT Industrial has deployed a full fleet of innovations, champions and award-winning products from its Marine Range at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, held in Cannes, France, from September 6 to September 11.

At its booth (Jetée 183, Vieux Port), the company revealed the next step in its marine hybridization route, one of the key results of its collaboration with Vulkan Hybrid Architect, and also showed off the Guinness World Speed Record-holding diesel powerboat engine, the C16 1000, and the double design award-winning Red Horizon Integrated Marine Control System. The exhibits were rounded off with a wide range of advanced services dedicated to customers, including telematics and remote assistance.

New modular and scalable parallel hybrid electric marine propulsion system – The FPT Industrial and Vulkan hybrid architect collaboration sets sail

Despite no changes being expected in sector emission regulations for the next few years, the broad sustainability trend is becoming more and more relevant in the marine sector, too. The accelerating pace of installed marine hybrid applications and the experience gained over the last decade by systems integrators is shaping different technological solutions, suitable for specific mission profiles.

Taking into account this ever-growing trend, FPT Industrial has decided to create its own parallel hybrid electric marine propulsion system by teaming up with Vulkan Hybrid Architect, a division of the Vulkan Group, a leading high-tech drivetrain and vibration control technology supplier.

The Compact Parallel Hybrid is the most promising architecture option for both commercial and pleasure vessels in the 100 hp to 1,000 hp market, since it is able to deliver top performance along with high levels of flexibility and efficiency. The Parallel Hybrid systems can be offered in a wide variety of different solutions by combining FPT Industrial diesel engines from 125 kW to 735 kW with proper sizing of e-motors and battery packs to meet any project requirements and customer needs.

Designed to offer reduced maintenance requirements and costs, fuel savings, emissions reductions and exceptional comfort, as well as allowing access to marine protected areas in full electric drive mode, the FPT Industrial – Vulcan Hybrid Architect solution unveiled in Cannes features an FPT Industrial C9 650 EVO diesel engine, a hybrid clutch to engage and disengage the internal combustion engine, an E-machine in the form of a synchronous permanent magnet and axial flux motor, a frequency converter, a marine gearbox, a mechanical interface and a vibro-acoustic isolation system.

There are four main modes available. The E-sailing mode allows maneuvering and sailing at low speed with zero emissions, with the Hybrid Clutch disengaging the diesel engine. In diesel mode, the diesel engine is synchronized to the e-motor and then connected to the shaft line with the clutch. The power from the diesel unit can be used by the e-machine to feed the hotel load or to recharge batteries. When docked or anchored, generator mode enables the diesel engine to be used at idle (with the gearbox in neutral) to generate power through the E-machine. In boost mode, the E-machine is powered by batteries and contributes to driving the shaft line for maximum speed. The entire hybrid system can be easily monitored and managed via user-friendly touchscreen panels.

C16 1000 – The champion is back

A Guinness World Record holder for the fastest speed on water by a diesel engine at 277.5 km/h, and one of the best sellers in FPT Industrial’s marine line-up, the C16 1000 marine engine has been developed to provide top performance for pleasure and light-medium commercial applications, setting itself apart as the only 16-liter engine on the market to fit in the packaging of a 13-liter engine, allowing for easier installation and offering greater space on board as well.

Source: FPT IndustrialSource: FPT Industrial

Also available in keel cooling configuration, the C16 1000 offers impressive durability, outstanding power (63 hp/l) and torque (220 Nm/l) density, and light weight in the light commercial segment. Best-in-class maintenance intervals of up to 600 hours translates into easier and cheaper maintenance operations.
The engine is compliant with IMO2, RCDII, EPA3 and China GBII emission regulations, allowing the brand to cover global opportunities, and it is also available in keel cooled configuration. These characteristics, together with the wide range of possible applications, such as motor yachts, long-range cruisers, sports fishing boats, governmental and state bodies, pilot and rescue, light ferries and light commercial fishing vessels, demonstrate the versatility of the C16 1000.

Red Horizon – High technology, award-winning style

Red Horizon is FPT Industrial’s integration of the most advanced marine technologies in engine, monitoring and control systems. Developed in collaboration with ZF and Navico (Simrad), Red Horizon guarantees full navigation control and safety, optimal driving comfort, and easy handling and mooring.

Available in combination with any top engine from FPT Industrial’s Cursor and NEF families, Red Horizon is presented inside a unique environment, inspired by the automotive world, luxury cars and villas, and vintage Italian boats, resulting in a comfortable bridge with a touch of minimalism, where customers can feel at home. This unique style has received two of the world's top design awards – Gold Winner of the 2021 edition of the New York Product Design Awards in the Watercraft Category, and the 2021 Good Design Award.

FPT Industrial adopts ZF electronic propulsion controls (SmartCommand) and maneuvering systems (JMS) specifically matched to FPT Industrial engines. FPT Industrial Premium Controls provide an innovative, compact and user-friendly control head with an impressive experience in terms of comfort and safety through different control modes, while FPT Industrial Premium Joystick delivers simple and intuitive boat control during maneuvers, even in complex docking situations.

Based on Navico-Simrad technology, the MFD (multi-function display) offers more than an engine monitoring visualization, thanks to its potential integration with many other vessel devices (radar, echosounder, cameras). The integrated system was developed in collaboration with Navico, using customized FPT software, layout and branding.

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