FPT Industrial and its partner and distributor Frydenbø Industri AS will together be attending Nor-Shipping 2022, the biennial fair dedicated to marine technology innovation and sustainable solutions held at NOVA Spektrum in Lillestrøm (Oslo, Norway) from April 4 to 7, 2022. The main event at the shared stand (Hall D, Stand D05-30) will be the unveiling of the keel cooling configuration of the recently launched C16 600 marine engine for commercial vessels.

Already adopted by FPT Industrial on its N40 250 E, N67 450 N and N67 570 EVO marine powertrains unveiled in April 2021 during the “Marine Virtual Experience” digital launch, Keel Cooling is a solution forSource: FPT IndustrialSource: FPT Industrial effective cooling of engines operating in sandy, muddy and shallow water.

Thanks to its position along the keel or incorporated into the hull itself, and therefore in constant contact with the water, this cooling system can efficiently dissipate an engine’s heat and cool it down, without the need to circulate saltwater in the engine. The main benefits include protecting the engine from seawater corrosion, preventing frequent obstruction of the seawater filter and damage to the seawater impeller.

The new C16 600 Keel Cooling, already available for order, is ideal for push and tug boats, ferries, dredgers and commercial fishing vessels, operating in brown waters, inland waterways and harbors.

“Through this new addition to our Keel Cooling configuration marine line-up,” stated Fabio Rigon, FPT Industrial vice president Europe, “we aim to offer a wider customer base all the benefits of this solution that guarantees reduced downtime with clear financial and operational advantages to professionals working in particular operating areas. We are pleased to present our C16 600 Keel Cooling at Nor-Shipping, one of the key marine industry events in Northern Europe, and we truly appreciate the Collaboration with Frydenbø that confirms to be mutually beneficial to our organizations.”

“As long-time partner and distributor of FPT Industrial in Norway and Sweden, we are particularly pleased and proud to have been chosen to host the debut of this marine engine that perfectly fits the professional needs of our customers operating in fjords and lakes all around Norway,” said Per Jarle Røyrvik, CEO of Frydenbø Industri AS Marine.

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