Atlas Copco Power and Flow recently introduced its next-generation electric submersible dewatering pump, the WEDA D95. The robust and reliable pump incorporates state-of-the-art Wear Deflector Technology to deliver superior performance and longer service life than comparable pumps in heavily abrasive environments. The WEDA D95 is suitable in applications such as mining, tunneling and construction, and enables higher productivity while improving sustainability performance.

The all-new WEDA D95 has a power rating of 37 kW to 43 kW and features Atlas Copco’s innovative Wear Deflector Technology to minimize wear and provide consistent performance over a longer operating life. Thanks to its high chrome wear resistant impeller and solid-redirecting auxiliary vanes, the WEDA D95 delivers exceptional performance. Re-adjustable hydraulics also allow the pump to be easily realigned to compensate for any wear, thus prolonging its service life.

Source: Atlas CopcoSource: Atlas Copco

In addition, inspection and maintenance can be easily carried out on site, therefore reducing downtime and associated costs. The mechanical seal is a unique stainless-steel single cartridge, rather than several components, which considerably simplifies replacement. The WEDA D95 also features external oil inspection screws that are easily accessed to check the quality of the oil and the health status of the seal without the need to completely dismantle the pump. This makes preventive maintenance easy and enables the detection of any problems before they lead to failure.

The WEDA D95 pump is available with various accessories including different types of discharge connections, pump rafts and zinc anodes to provide extra corrosion resistance. It features a maximum head of 100 m (340 ft), a maximum flow of 680 m3/h (3,000 U.S. gpm) and can withstand solids of up to 16 mm (0.63 inches).

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