Collaborative robot (cobot) and vision technologies company Techman Robot has introduced its TM20 robotic arm, which is a lightweight, high-payload AI cobot.

According to the TM20 robotic arm’s developers, the 32.8 kg unit can carry up to 20 kg and has a demonstrated reach of 1,300 mm with six rotation joints, making it appropriate for heavy-duty autonomous mobile robot applications.

Source: Techman RobotSource: Techman Robot

Further, Techman Robot suggests that the TM20 robotic arm offers maneuverability for tasks that involve frequent turning or that occur in confined space. Additionally, the company notes that the robot’s built-in smart vision overcomes positioning errors and ensures precise fast pick-and-place tasks, without additional visual or positional monitoring.

Applications for the TM20 robotic arm, according to the company, include pick-and-place, material handling, heavy machine tending and high-volume palletizing tasks.

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