Robot manufacturer Techman Robot has developed what it is calling the world’s lightest high-payload collaborative robot.

The TM20 robotic arm reportedly weighs 32.8 kg but can carry up to 20 kg and has a demonstrated reach of 1,300 mm with six rotation joints.

Source: Techman RobotSource: Techman Robot

Designed for tasks in the semiconductor, electronics and medical sectors, the TM20 robotic arm can accurately perform pick-and-place, high-volume packaging and palletizing, material handling, and heavy machine tending jobs.

Specifically, the TM20 is reportedly being eyed for performing semiconductor backend processes requiring the manual loading and unloading and lifting of wafer boxes weighing more than 10 kg, as well as the retrieval and transfer of medical equipment and drugs.

Further, the TM20 is capable of performing tasks that require frequent turning or that need to be performed in limited spaces.

For more on the TM20, visit the Techman Robot website.

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