A new generation turning grade is now available, offering one of the highest levels of productivity and versatility in the market today.

The T9415 is the most advanced MT-CVD coated turning grade launched by Dormer Pramet in almost 10 years, bringing greater stability and performance in a variety of cutting conditions. This fourth generation Pramet grade covers a broad application range, replacing the previous T9310 and T9315. In addition, it also partly overlaps with grade T9325, giving T9415 one of the widest range of applications in steel turning.Source: Dormer PrametSource: Dormer Pramet

With a 30% thicker coating than the previous generation, the Pramet T9415 significantly improves tool durability by increasing resistance to wear and offers higher productivity by allowing for higher cutting speeds. Several testing users of the new grade have reported that their productivity has doubled while machining carbon and structural steels.

Additionally, a new post-treatment process improves toughness and stability of the cutting edge resulting in improved reliability in interrupted cuts and unstable conditions and is still suitable for high cutting speeds.

The insert seating area has been ground to improve stability and enhance heat transfer away from the cutting edge. This further helps to improve tool life, reducing the plastic wear on the cutting zones. Also, a gold titanium-nitride coating allows operators to better detect wear along the flank of the inserts.

Using the latest technologies, the Pramet T9415 inserts have optimized cutting-edge geometry which reduces cutting forces and enhances performance. Along with saving energy, the inserts themselves are manufactured using the latest production technologies and raw materials, which support a more sustainable and environmentally friendly offer.

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