Nanoveu, an Australian nanotechnology company, has developed a self-cleaning coating solution for solar panels.

According to the company, the E series hard coat is an antimicrobial, transparent coating that is anti-fouling, self-maintaining, anti-static and hydrophilic.

The coating reportedly inhibits the formation of biofilm and algae growth on solar panels that hinders their energy output.

Further, Nanoveu’s coating prevents sand, dirt and all other surface contaminants from clinging to panels. This, according to Nanoveu, eliminates the need for manually cleaning solar panels, which can be expensive.

Instead, thanks to the coating’s hydrophilic properties, dirt and sand easily slide off the panels.

In addition to being eyed for solar panels, the coating could also one day be applied to ship hulls to prevent biofouling, which is the accumulation of algae, mussels and other marine organisms on the hulls of ships, which subsequently increases a ship’s flow resistance, and thus increases fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

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