In response to customer applications requiring even higher controllable force, Geeplus has developed an even bigger voice coil motor.

The new VM75P2, like its predecessors, uses a highly optimized magnet assembly to produce exceptional force/mass ratio for high acceleration in dynamic applications. The new VM75P2 is one of a new generation of voice coil motors from Geeplus capable of providing a significant increase in performance.

The two-pole device develops exceptional force and acceleration with shorter displacement. The GeeplusSource: GeeplusSource: Geeplus designed and manufactured coil can be modified to provide an even longer stroke and higher force if required.

Ideally suited to highly dynamic applications where a load mass is required to accelerate very quickly (such as optical shutter operation or pick and place mechanisms), the VM75P2 provides greater force from a given coil assembly than that developed in a pot of traditional ‘sandwich’ construction with the same excitation power. This means that with an unchanged coil mass, a 30% to 50% higher acceleration can be achieved.

The cost of using the magnet assembly compares favorably to that of traditional designs of similar size and even where the dynamic benefits are not needed, this construction is competitive with conventional devices of comparable force performance.

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