The new LVCM-010-013-01 linear voice coil motor from Moticont is only 0.375 in (9.5 mm) in diameter and the length at mid-stroke is just 0.81 in (20.7 mm) long. Despite its diminutive size, this miniature voice coil motor has a high force-to-size ratio with a continuous force of 1.0 oz (0.28 N), a peak force of 3.2 oz (0.88 N) and a 0.25 in (6.4 mm) stroke.

The clean brushless DC linear servo motor has high acceleration/deceleration and low inertia and is suitable Source: MoticontSource: Moticontfor applications including haptic feedback in medical/surgical instruments, vibration damping, work holding and clamping, laser machining and drilling, assembly, sorting, packaging, sampling, scanning, laser beam steering and filtering, and wafer handling.

The LVCM-010-013-01 offers high accuracy and repeatability when operated as a DC servo motor in a closed servo loop using a position sensor. This miniature linear motor has a 2-56 UNC-2B threaded mounting hole in the housing and a 2-56 UNC-2B threaded mounting hole in the coil end for easy integration into new and existing applications. A complete plug-and-play system including an encoder and servo controller is also available.

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