On the heels of activating the world's largest flow battery system with an initial capacity of 400 MWh and output of 100 MW, China now lays claim to the largest and most efficient clean compressed air energy storage (CAES) system.

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The 100 MW advanced CAES system developed by Chinese Academy of Science engineers is now connected to the grid in the northern city of Zhangjiakou. Incorporating advances in supercritical thermal storage, supercritical heat exchange, high-load compression and expansion technologies to boost system efficiency, the plant is designed to store and release up to 400 MWh at a system design efficiency of 70.4%.

The Zhangjiakou has the capacity to supply the local grid with more than 132 kWh of electricity annually and satisfy the peak consumption of up to 60,000 homes. The CAES system is expected to eliminate the combustion of around 42,000 tons of coal in power stations and reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 109,000 tons.

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