In 2021, the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) launched the Platform on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and their Applications to provide support for countries looking to accelerate SMR deployment. The platform offers information and expertise on all aspects of SMR development, deployment, licensing and oversight.

Prospective developers of SMRs can now take advantage of a new online portal to access all IAEA services as well as the latest information related to this emerging nuclear power technology. The portal coversThe web portal provides support to countries working to introduce SMR technology. Source: A. Tarhi/IAEAThe web portal provides support to countries working to introduce SMR technology. Source: A. Tarhi/IAEA technology development and deployment (including non-electric applications), nuclear safety, security and safeguards as well as fuel, the fuel cycle and waste management. The navigation bar features 10 selectable topics that allow users to filter the news, events and publications covering specific subjects. The SMR portal will soon be further expanded to incorporate additional features such as areas for technical working groups, information on national and international SMR projects and programs, and a version for mobile phones and tablets.

With more than 80 SMR designs under development in 19 countries and the first SMR units already in operation in China and Russia, these power systems are expected to play an increasingly important role in helping to ensure the security of energy supply as well as the global energy transition to net zero. The technology, its safety and economic competitiveness must be fully demonstrated before SMRs can be more widely deployed, and the SMR Platform is already helping governments, prospective operators and regulators in countries such as Brazil and Jordan to address these and related challenges.

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