Robot manufacturer Telexistence is mass producing artificial intelligence (AI) stocking robots for deployment at 300 convenience stores across Japan.

The robot, dubbed the TX SCARA, is designed for autonomously restocking refrigerated shelves with bottled and canned beverages.

Source: TelexistenceSource: Telexistence

Capable of 24/7 operation, the TX SCARA will take over the repetitive task of restocking shelves in hundreds of FamilyMart stores, which are a popular convenience store chain in Japan.

According to Telexistence, TX SCARA can autonomously replenish as many as 1,000 bottles and cans a day using its AI system, which has been dubbed Gordon. TX SCARA is expected to free up human workers from performing such repetitive tasks for higher value, customer-facing tasks.

In the event that the system experiences a miscalculation or external factors — such as falling cans or bottles — remote located employees can intervene by taking over operation of the autonomous robots using virtual reality glasses.

For more on the TX SCARA robots being deployed to the chain of FamilyMart convenience stores, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Telexistence.

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