An onshore wind turbine platform has been designed specifically for the North America region by GE Renewable Energy. The 3.0 MW to 3.4 MW Sierra turbine features a 140 m rotor and is offered with a variety of hub heights, including a less than 500 ft option.

The Sierra platform has launched with two prototypes, one in Lubbock, Texas, and one in Kamataka, India, with more than a year of successful run time on each. The turbine leverages expertise gained with the company's bestselling 2 MW platform, which recently surpassed 30 GW of installed base globally.

The two-piece blade design simplifies logistics, streamlines site installation and improves serviceability. A simplified machine head and electrical system based on the 2 MW platform includes a single main bearing,Source: GE Renewable EnergySource: GE Renewable Energy single piece down tower assembly, external pad mount transformer and rail-shippable machine head. Optimized three- and four-section towers offer ease of transport and installation; a 500 ft tip height, 81 m tower option is available for U.S. Federal Aviation Administration-limited sites. Features and components of the Sierra platform support diverse siting challenges, including bat acoustic deterrent, enhanced corrosion control and noise reduction mode.

Pat Byrne, CEO for GE’s onshore wind business, said, “We are absolutely delighted to introduce our Sierra platform to the North America onshore wind industry — the most tested and validated turbine in GE’s history. This is a turbine that was designed specifically for the future needs and unique challenges of the region, taking into account significant feedback and insights from our customers and wind farm developers. From siting to execution and operation, Sierra offers our customers continued quality and stability. Our installed base of Sierra turbines has recorded the highest reliability and availability in a GE turbine launch to date, and we couldn’t be happier with its performance and customer reception.”

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