Simplify your measurement testing workflow

With any measuring tool, it is critical that a microscope provides optimal measurement performance in the operating environment of where it is being used. The LEXT OLS5100 microscope’s Smart Experiment Manager* helps make your experiment workflow simpler by automating time-consuming tasks. Automatically create your experiment plan, autopopulate data to your experiment plan matrix, and reduce the chance of input errors. Use clear data trend visualization tools to enhance workflow.

*Requires the experiment total assist application OLS51-S-ETA.

Data you can trust

Objectives designed for LEXT microscopes deliver highly accurate data, enabling us to guarantee the microscope’s measurement accuracy. Paired with the Smart Lens Advisor, you can acquire highly accurate data that you can be confident in. Dedicated LEXT optics optimized for the 405 nm wavelength of light reduces aberration to capture the correct shape of your same throughout the entire field of view. The Smart Lens Advisor helps you choose the right objective lens for your roughness measurement

Reliable data at the push of a button

Using the LEXT™ OLS5100 microscope is easy for novice and experienced users thanks to thoughtfully designed software. Acquire accurate data easily with the push of a button. Measurement performance is guaranteed to be tailored to your operating environment.