Norwegian company Nordic Unmanned has developed a rail track inspecting drone for the dangerous task of inspecting and maintaining rail ways.

The drone, dubbed the Staaker BG-300 Railway Robot, is a fuel cell-powered multicopter drone that features onboard sensors for detecting changes in critical portions of rail track.

As the drone travels along rail tracks, it captures live data and communicates that data to remote decision makers. If the drone detects an oncoming train, it can fly off the tracks and resume inspection tasks once the train has passed. As such, the drone reportedly eliminates the need to shut down sections of track to traffic when manual inspections are scheduled.

The Staaker BG-300 Railway Robot can operate for seven hours, moving at speeds of 12.4 mph and covering distances of roughly 124 miles.

To see how the Staaker BG-300 Railway Robot operates watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Nordic Unmanned.

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