The latest generation of scanCONTROL 30xx series laser profile scanners is extremely powerful, precise and individually adaptable. The compact scanners provide calibrated profile data with up to 7.37 million points per second. Their profile frequency of max. 10 kHz enables precise profile measurements in dynamic processes, making them the ideal high-precision 2D/3D profile measurement solution in automation, production monitoring and quality control.

Compact design, versatility and high signal stability result in an excellent price/performance ratio especially for measurement tasks involving large quantities. Equipped with powerful processors and highly sensitive optical components, these scanners ensure precise profile measurements on nearly any type of surface.

For demanding surfaces such as red-hot objects or transparent objects, the patented blue laser scanners are ideally suited which offer decisive advantages in various measurement tasks compared to sensors with a red laser diode. Unlike the long-wave red laser, the short-wave, blue-violet laser light hardly penetrates the measurement object. As the blue laser line is sharply imaged on glowing materials or transparent objects, stable and precise results are achieved. On inhomogeneous or dark surfaces, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) data acquisition mode and the improved auto exposure optimizes the measurement results. Furthermore, the optional scanCONTROL Gateway enables to integrate these smart sensors in Profinet, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP control systems.

The fields of application are diverse across all industries. As well as determining the blade angle of razors, the thickness of potato slices, the completeness of laser welding seams, the position of electronic components and the quality of silicone adhesive beading can also be determined.

Advanced technology:

  • Multiple measuring ranges and laser types (red, blue, classes 2 and 3)
  • High profile resolution for the detection of finest details
  • High profile rate for dynamic measurement tasks
  • Factory calibration for metals
  • Proven operational safety in 24/7 operation over many years