thicknessGAUGE sensor systems are used for precise thickness measurements of strip materials, plates and sheets. Several models with different sensor types, measuring ranges and measuring widths enable inline thickness measurements of different materials and surfaces based on an unmatched price/performance ratio. This fully assembled system comprises a stable frame on which two optical distance sensors are fixed, that detect the thickness of the measuring object according to the difference principle. The sensors are perfectly aligned to each other and calibrated during the assembly. Furthermore, thickness calibration at the factory ensures high precision.

The thicknessGAUGE system is available with laser triangulation sensors, laser profile scanners or confocal chromatic sensors, which demonstrate their advantages depending on the type of material and accuracy requirements. It measures strips and plates on a non-contact basis and with the highest precision. The system offers maximum application versatility as it provides the suitable measuring principle depending on the requirements, and measures thicknesses from 2 mm to 25 mm.

Automatic calibration and temperature compensation

thicknessGAUGE systems are equipped with in-situ calibration in order to compensate, e.g., for the effects of fluctuating temperatures. A linear axis moves the thicknessGAUGE to the parking position. The calibration cycles are individually adjustable. In addition to temperature compensation, in-situ calibration enables proper functioning of the system to be verified cyclically and at any time.

The new class for inline thickness measurements

thicknessGAUGE sensor systems are used in industrial environments for precise thickness measurements of strip and plate materials. A linear unit with electromechanical drive enables thickness measurements in traversing mode. Alternatively, fixed track measurements are possible for center-line measurements (center thickness) or for thickness measurements on the edges. These compact systems are comprised of an integrated linear unit including motor control, a compact bus terminal box, an automatic calibration unit as well as a multi-touch PC with pre-installed software. The entire system is powered via a 24 V source.

Powerful analysis and control software

thicknessGAUGE systems are equipped with a multi-touch capable software package for analysis, presentation and archiving of monitored production data. This software enables different measurement modes such as fixed track thickness measurement at any position, measurement of the thickness profile, measurement of several longitudinal trends, an SPC package and automated verification of the measuring system's capability. It ensures easy and fast verification of the measuring system capability which is individually adjustable.