Robotics startup RoboAds has developed a robotic advertising platform designed for transportation hubs, airports, malls, tradeshows and other high-traffic indoor settings.

Dubbed RA-Signage, the robotic advertising platform combines artificial intelligence, digital signage and robotics to display digital advertisements, live streams, virtual telepresence, video content and augmented reality.

Source: RoboAdsSource: RoboAds

RA-Signage features four 55 in digital screens, four high-power motor wheels, each with an integrated brushless motor and a high-precision odometer sensor, and two lidar scanners for object avoidance.

The robot can reportedly navigate autonomously throughout high-traffic spaces, displaying ads and enabling clients to connect with a product’s customer service representatives via the screen. According to RoboAds, this enables customers to showcase their products to a larger audience while also reducing physical contact, which has been critical during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more on the RA-Signage, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of RoboAds

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