Canada-based Mangrove Lithium has secured sufficient funding from BDC Capital’s Cleantech Practice, Emissions Reduction Alberta and Sustainable Development Technology Canada to advance its modular platform for battery-grade lithium hydroxide production.

The electrochemical innovation simplifies existing processes and can directly refine input streams from brine, Source: Mangrove LithiumSource: Mangrove Lithiumhard-rock, clay and geothermal assets. The modular technology combines ion-selective membranes with electrodialysis and fuel cell technology to convert the sodium chloride present in basal aquifer water, produced water and brackish groundwater into sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. The process, which recovers more than 90% of the lithium from lithium concentrates, creates an effluent stream with salinity below 3,000 ppm. Byproducts can be used onsite, reducing operational costs by offsetting operator expenditures on brine management, chemicals and logistics.

The processing system can be scaled to any capacity and co-located with upstream lithium producers or cathode and cell manufacturers. The platform technology is also being commercialized for conversion of waste brines to chemicals and desalinated water.

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