Schlumberger presents it fully redesigned REDA Continuum extended-life ESP pump range with real-time monitoring and advanced design features. The innovative new series eliminates the need for costly replacements due to production changes, reduces overall operating expenses and optimizes uptime. The series comes in four unique models with a range of production capacities.

REDA Continuum ESP pumps comes with integrated real-time monitoring enabling early detection of pump events and downhole conditions. With proactive management operators, it can prevent asset downtime and unplanned shutdowns, and further reduce well intervention costs.

Source: SchlumbergerSource: Schlumberger

The REDA Continuum ESP pumps arrive at the wellsite ready for installation, reducing rig time and eliminating the risk of human error. The pumps are designed with a harder material on the impeller hub to tackle the effects of erosion and temperature increases on the pump caused by solids production. The pumps feature an advanced tungsten carbide radial bearing design that prevents sand jams and bearing spinning, therefore reducing vibration, and significantly improving sand and gas handling.

The REDA Continuum ESP pumps are suitable for wells with 140 mm (5.5 in) casings or larger and are available in the following models:

  • RC1000 — a high-efficiency, multistage centrifugal pump used in the oil industry as well as other applications. Each pump comprises a rotating impeller and a stationary diffuser designed to deliver hydraulic efficiency and optimal lift performance. Bearing configuration, high-strength shafts, and factory shimming improve reliability and extend system run life in challenging applications. Target production rate: 200 to 1,350 bbl/d at 60 Hz or 32 to 216 m3/d (8,453 to 57,061 US GPD) at 50 Hz.
  • RC2500 — larger than the RC1000, and with identical features, the RC2500 has a target production rate of 1,000 to 3,200 bbl/d at 60 Hz or 133 to 428 m3/d (35,134 to 113,065 US GPD) at 50 Hz.
  • RC4000 — larger than the RC2500, and with identical features, the RC4000 has a target production rate of 3,500 to 7,000 bbl/d at 60 Hz or 560 to 1,120 m3/d (147,936 to 295,872 US GPD) at 50 Hz.
  • REDA Continuum LF — a low-flow, extended-life ESP pump that significantly improves lift, efficiency, lifetime, and power consumption in unconventional and conventional oil wells with very low flow rates, transient and slug flow, solids and abrasives, frequent stops and starts, and production uncertainty. With optimal downthrust management, the Continuum LF pump is ideal during late well life. This results in well life extension as production declines, therefore avoiding costs associated with well replacement or alternative lift solutions. The LF has a target production rate of 50 to 1,000 bbl/d at 60 Hz or 6 to 132 m3/d (1,585 to 34,870 US GPD) at 50 Hz.
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