As the Northern Hemisphere draws deeper into April, we move closer to the environmental holidays — namely Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 30). Certain technologies epitomize the conservationist spirit.

Wind and solar power are lowering consumer household energy bills and moving communities away from polluting fuels. They are also creating a boon in employment and investment opportunities. And they could quite literally save the entire world (along with some other honorable mention technology).

So you can see that alternative energy isn't just an engineering discipline — it is a practical concern for nearly every human on this Earth.

And who is driving this energy revolution? Engineers, of course.

They are the ones responsible for researching and improving current energy collection technologies; seeing to it that energy is stored on-demand for practical use; and proliferating that technology to reduce carbon footprints on a mass scale.

And here is what Engineering360 has to say on the matter.

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