Electropolishing enables the removal of a consistent and microscopically precise layer of surface material to leave critical metal parts free of defects like microburrs and microcracks while also leaving parts with enhanced resistance to corrosion and pathogens. That’s why so many engineers in industries that include medical device manufacturing, aerospace, auto and food manufacturing specify electropolishing as the last step for their metal parts.

To learn more, you can join the Able Electropolishing team for a private Lunch and Learn session where we will provide a deeper dive into how electropolishing works, which metal alloys can be effectively electropolished, and the many benefits electropolishing provides, including:

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance (30 times more than passivation alone)
  • Improved cycle life
  • Ultrasmooth and shiny surface finish
  • Enhanced pathogen resistance
  • 30-50% improvement in a part’s Ra (roughness average) depending on material type

These 45-minute sessions are a popular way to learn more about this highly customizable process for leaving your parts with improved fit, finish and function. We also provide the pizza! (Or breakfast, if you prefer.)

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions related to a specific part or project and learn how you can see the benefits for yourself.

Watch our video for an overview of all the ways you can learn more about electropolishing, including our free sample process for determining if electropolishing is right for your metal parts.