Able Electropolishing's video will take you through the many benefits of this microscopically precise and highly customized finishing method including:

  • Deburring
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Improved cycle life
  • Ultrasmooth and shiny surface finish
  • Enhanced pathogen resistance

Electropolishing, also referred to as “reverse plating,” combines a chemical bath and an electrical current to remove a microscopically precise and consistent layer of surface material, eliminating surface imperfections that machining processes can leave behind on metal parts, including microcracks, microburrs, scale and other contaminants that can become initiation sites for corrosion.

The result? An ultrasmooth, deburred and durable metal part.

Electropolishing smooths microburrs created during blanking, milling, broaching, lapping or grinding, providing a superior finish for even the most complex and fragile metal parts. The process carefully strips away the outer layer of surface material while leaving the part intact.

As one of the key benefits of electropolishing, deburring creates a smooth and clean surface with improved fit, function, and finish. Learn more in our white paper on electropolishing for deburring critical metal parts.

In this video, we'll walk you through the entire electropolishing process from start to finish, including a look at our “Finish First” methodology, which provides consultation in the prototyping stage to eliminate design flaws that can impact finishing results.

From stainless steel to a wide variety of other metal alloys, electropolishing’s precision leaves parts with enhanced corrosion and pathogen resistance and a microscopically smooth surface, with 30–50% improvement in the part’s Ra (roughness average), depending on material type.

Watch our video to see for yourself how electropolishing helps improve the fit, finish and function of critical metal parts and learn how you can take advantage of our free sample process for determining if electropolishing is right for your metal parts.