A new mmWave addition from SV Microwave gives users true 40 GHz performance for right angle 2.92 mm cable connectors. The tried and true 2.92 mm connector design means standard coupling and standard interfaces even in tough to fit spaces.

Currently available for .047 and .085 cable types, the 2.92 mm connector has a temperature rating of -65° C toSource: SV MicrowaveSource: SV Microwave 165° C and was developed for use to 40 GHz. The male pin is shorter than that of a subminiature version A (SMA) or 3.5 mm connector to ensure that the outer contacts of the male and female connectors engage before the pin and female receptacle do. This ensures that the pin and socket will not experience excessive wear and mating stress associated with misalignment in an SMA or 3.5 mm connector.

The new connector also has a thicker wall than a standard SMA and mates with SMA and 3.5mm connectors. The devices are ideal for high speed digital, instrumentation, military, aerospace, satellite communication equipment and test and measurement applications.

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