Grote, an Ohio-based automated food processing company, has added a sandwich-making robot to its Robotic Sandwich Assembly Line.

The Stäubli TX2-60 HE (humid environment) robot is a six-axis robot that is capable of assembling sandwiches along food production lines, placing the top slice of bread over the bottom slice of bread that already contains sandwich fillers.

Reportedly, this function along the production line was previously done manually. However, guided by 3D image processing, the Stäubli TX2-60 HE, with its series of pneumatic and mechanical grippers, can assemble the sandwich and position it for cutting and packaging further along the production line.

According to Grote, the Robotic Sandwich Assembly Line can hygienically assemble 60 sandwiches a minute per lane and can withstand harsh cleaning environments.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, robots are fast becoming a fixture in the preparation of food. Recently, engineers from the University of Cambridge in the U.K. have taught a robotic arm to make omelets, while a company called Zume Pizza has launched a pizza-making robot. Meanwhile, Flippy the hamburger-flipping robot was promoted to full-time line cook at Pasadena, California’s CaliBurger.

To see the Robotic Sandwich Assembly Line in action, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Grote.

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