Many things work unnoticed behind the scenes, however our world would be different without them. They work inconspicuously, reliably and are essential for numerous demanding applications and products. For more than 45 years Schleifring has stood for innovative transmission technology. Whether on land, at sea, in the air or in space, our products and services ensure perfect transfer of energy, electrical signals, data and media. Our team's expertise, passion and numerous inventions form the perfect basis to constantly redefine the limits of technical feasibility.

Contactless transmission

We are the pioneer in contactless high-end transmission. This enables us to transfer image data at more than 50 Gb/s with the very best transmission quality.

Contacting slip rings

Our gold wire on gold ring technology and silver-graphite brushes on brass or silver rings allow excellent and reliable signal and data transmission.

Fiber optical rotary joints

We also offer a varied range of fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs) for quick and seamless transmission of highest data rates. For passive transmission we produce equipment ranging from single-channel solutions to 60-channel compact on-axis devices for both single-mode and multi-mode systems.

Inductive transmission

We are one step ahead in the field of inductive transmission. In the industrial sector there are presently systems in use with power ratings from 1 W to 10 kW, in the medical-technology industry even up to 200 kW.

In step with a rapidly changing market, our core competencies such as design, development and manufacturing are also permanently growing. With our new slip ring configurator, for example, engineers and designers can quickly and cheaply define the ideal slip ring solution from our MIA series (Modular Industrial Application). Our configurator makes it possible to configure slip rings with up to 102 paths and for 630 V (AC). The configuration tool checks whether the desired functionality can be implemented in a specified installation space while you are entering your requirements. Once the slip ring has been successfully configured, the corresponding CAD data (Step file) as well as a PDF document are available for download immediately, and the slip ring itself is ready for shipping within just a few days.