Becker Pumps’ new U 5 series vacuum pumps are ideally suited for the vacuum packaging of food. They can be used across a wide range of applications from vacuum chamber machines, form-fill-seal machines and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Source: Becker PumpsSource: Becker PumpsThe U 5 series features flow characteristics from 49.4 to 141 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and power specifications from 2.4 HP to 6.4 HP.

Becker will be presenting the series at the International Production and Processing Expo, taking place January 28-30 in Atlanta.

Benefits for the food packaging industry include:

• Speeding up packaging line production by 3-5%

• Compact dimensions for easy integration

• Smooth pump surfaces for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning

• Oil tank with dual stage oil separation

• High efficiency oil separator

• High efficiency cooling

About Becker Pumps

Becker is the premier supplier of vacuum pumps to the poultry, meat and feed industries with “Newer. Better. Faster.” solutions for packaging needs. Ideally suited for the vacuum packaging of food and known for reliability and easy serviceability, the Becker total offering of the new U 5 series of vacuum pumps, booster packages and central vacuum systems can be used across a wide range of applications to significantly and economically improve production output. Becker is the right solution.

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