From golf clubs to fuel injector nozzles, metal injection molding (MIM) technology is used to create precise and reliable components across market segments including medical and dental, aerospace, defense, automotive, electrical and much more.

What is metal injection molding?

MIM technology offers nearly unlimited shape and geometric feature capability with high production capacity. This metal-forming process utilizes metal powders combined with organic binders using injection molding technology to produce highly complex metal components. After molding, the components are sintered to remove the binder, which results in high yield-strength components.

Advantages of MIM

MIM meets or exceeds customer expectations in part because it allows the design engineer to re-imagine components from fresh perspectives, which can allow a reduction of material content, the combining of multiple components into one or the molding of functional and decorative features from the start. Further, the MIM process can eliminate frequently required secondary processes like knurling, assembly and lettering. Ultimately, the elimination of secondary processes leads to a lower cost of the part.

A few key advantages of the metal injection molding process include:

  • Its capability to produce excellent mechanical properties, including properties not obtainable by other processing technologies
  • The ability to produce high-precision components to net-shape
  • Nearly unlimited shape and geometric-feature capabilities
  • High-production rates due to the efficiency of the processing equipment compared with other metal forming technologies
  • The feedstock is re-useable if it is not processed after molding
  • High-material utilization with minimal material loss

Additional resources

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