Year after year, POWERTRONIX stands out as a leader in developing cutting edge products

And The IS FLEX is Powertronix newest and most impressive design.

The state of the art features of the IS Flex make it uniquely equipped for today’s medical environment. No other product can match its reliability, adaptability, and ease of use.

The compact design allows for a variety of mounting positions – including underneath the entire medical cart which keeps shelving areas clear and adds increased stability to the cart’s balance.

Remote controls and outlet extensions make it easy to customize the location of outlets and power switches, and position them exactly where you want them. No contorting to power-on a medical device.

Configurable outlets meet international standards that best suit your needs – whether that be USB, NEMA, IEC, Schuko and other world outlets.

With guaranteed medical grade power supply, low leakage current, and pre-approved safety certifications, the IS Flex saves you time and money. It is 100% plug & play.

No other product on the market can meet the features included with the IS Flex. It is quite simply the best all in one solution for the modern day hospital.

In addition to the IS Flex, Powertronix is known for several other flagship products, including POWER MED: the ideal compact solution to provide high efficiency medical grade power with thermal protection. The ideal design for smaller spaces, PowerMed accepts worldwide AC input and outputs either 12 or 240 volts. Powermed comes in three different sizes, ranging from 50 – 300VA, so you can choose the power supply that’s right for your needs.

The ISOLATION STATION is the next option in the Powertronix lineup and it is customizable in a variety of sizes that provide between 300 – 3,000 VA. Isolation Stations have more outlets than the PowerMed model and can be designed with a 19’’ rack mount – making it a suitable solution to mount to a medical cart. A key feature of Isolation Stations is that they provide medical grade power while eliminating external noise.

Another one of Powertronix’ most well-known products is the TRANSFORMER. Known for its reliability, Powertronix transformers deliver low inrush without any external components necessary. Transformers performs either in isolation or as auto transformers and the high efficiency design is approved by UL, CB, and CE

The INDUCTOR is smaller, lighter and its’ cooler temperature allows it to operate with high efficiency. The robust design performs with low electromagnetic interference.

CURRENT TRANSFORMERS sense current through a conductor and are an efficient, lighter model.

Finally, the PDU ASSEMBLY offers the isolation features of Powertronix transformer, voltage regulation, noise suppression, and AC power distribution capabilities.

In 2020, POWERTRONIX will show brilliant innovation at MD&M WEST, February 11 – 13 and as always, stands out as a leader in providing cutting edge medical grade power supply. Be sure to join us and stay up to date on all the latest trends in advancements in the medical device field!