Canadian Nuclear Laboratories selected the first recipients of the Canadian Nuclear Research Initiative, which seeks to accelerate deployment of small modular reactors (SMRs) in Canada.

The initiative aims to enable research and development and connect global vendors of SMR technology with Canada’s national nuclear laboratories.

The four projects selected to negotiate terms of cost sharing arrangements include:

Reactor developer Moltex Canada, along with the University of New Brunswick, seek to build and optimize a test apparatus to explore the potential of converting used Canadian deuterium uranium (CANDU) power reactor fuel into a fuel form capable of powering their stable salt reactor design. CANDU pressurized water reactors are the standard for nuclear power generation in Canada.

Kairos-Power proposes developing a tritium management strategy for its high-temperature fluoride salt-cooled reactor design. This project would include early work to identify technologies to implement this strategy.

UltraSafe Nuclear Corp. proposes work to resolve an array of technical questions in support of its micro modular reactor. These include fuel processing, reactor safety, and fuel and graphite irradiation, among others.

Terrestrial Energy Inc. will evaluate the applicability of nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation technologies to the IMSR400 reactor and other SMR designs. This work will look at opportunities to make use of the ZED-2 reactor, as well as develop new experimental capabilities related to molten salt reactors.