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Materials and Chemicals


  • Sustainable remediation of heavy metals in groundwater

    Extracted heavy metals are disposed of in a sustainable manner instead of being landfilled and posing a continued environmental threat.

  • Starfish-inspired structure will bend and mend

    The structure, which reportedly exhibits 4D features, promises to offer assorted possible applications for robotics, aviation and medical devices.

  • New 3D-printed chip sensor detects foodborne pathogens

    The 3D-printed chip is divided into four sections that are each designed to detect a specific pathogen.

  • Team plans to extract 10x more energy from superhot rocks

    While current geothermal setups work at temperatures not exceeding 392° F, Quaise Energy has been working on new technology capable of tapping into geothermal energy by using microwaves to vaporize rock.

  • Solar cells for electric vehicles

    Interconnection and encapsulation strategies were studied to improve vehicle-integrated photovoltaic module reliability against damp heat and mechanical impacts.

  • Living bioelectronic patch designed to treat psoriasis

    The device is a combination of advanced electronics, living cells and hydrogel, which together form the so-called “living bioelectronic” patch.

  • Reusable aerogel sponges up and releases spilled oil

    The material is reusable and can also effectively recover oil inadvertently released in cold northern marine environments.

  • Taking the sting out of healthcare

    Follow along with GlobalSpec as we review some of the technologies designed to take the sting out of healthcare.

  • Harper International receives order for Scientific Line for pitch carbon fiber

    The supplied equipment will accelerate the development of large-scale production pathways for short and continuous carbon fiber from bitumen-derived feedstocks.

  • Greener diesel production with sulfur-free catalyst

    With the potential to outperform conventional sulfided metal catalysts, this catalytic system offers a more efficient and sustainable approach to green diesel production.

  • An effective approach to PFAS foam cleanup

    The treatment achieves near-complete destruction of these "forever chemicals" in water samples contaminated by fire-fighting foams.

  • Sheet metal fabrication demystified

    Core and advanced processes in sheet metal fabrication are explained to underscore what makes this a preferred choice for high-quality metal products.

  • I can't believe it's not plasma!

    Learn about a solution for making catalyzed thermal Atomic Layer Deposition possible in manufacturing tools.

  • Analyzing your heat transfer fluid

    Follow these guidelines to accurately sample, test and analyze thermal fluids.

  • Poached radioactive rhino horns will sound nuclear alarms

    According to the scientists, this approach would make the horns unfit for human consumption and possibly ease tracking at international borders.

  • Researchers employ MR polishing techniques for ultra-precision machining

    This approach uses MR fluids, propelling surface quality and accuracy to new levels and meeting the demands of sectors like aerospace, electronics and healthcare.

  • CopprLink cable specifications for PCIe 5.0 and 6.0 tech announced by PCI-SIG

    The CopprLink Cable specifications provide signaling at 32.0 and 64.0 GT/s and leverage well-established industry standard connector form factors maintained by SNIA.

  • Researchers propose turning pine needles into energy to reduce wildfire risks

    The team has proposed reducing this biomass risk by suggesting this so-called waste could be used as a valuable energy resource for power production.

  • Beyond color and texture: How to measure pH in paints using the right sensor

    Understand why measuring pH in paints is essential, what points to consider while measuring pH and how to measure pH using a Mettler Toledo sensor.

  • Concrete thermal energy storage pilot passes muster

    The long-duration energy storage option can be applied to existing or new fossil fuel, nuclear or concentrating solar power plants.

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